received a "thank you" card in the mail stating as "really appreciate your business and want to give you your fastest available internet speed free for the next 12 months" Yeah right. Fell for it and called and was told "Oh you have to bundle this and that.

I have to get call waiting, long distance etc. all of which I don't use. Plus pay an additional fee every month. I am sorry what about this is free?

So I will be paying for it anyway. I asked why did I even receive this because she told me this is for people that already have the bundle and all I got was I don't know. I knew it was to good to be true. What a joke!

There is always a trick to everything. Nothing is free.

Bottom line they sent this to me and I have been a customer for years and they basically mislead me. Surprise, surprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Windstream Bundle.

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