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It is a shame that they offer MUCH higher speeds for less or equal charge in areas where they have competition as apposed to the areas that they fully control. This is a fact that I personally witnessed during a time I was moving around a bit.

Moved from an area where I paid $109.73 a month (locked in at $44.99 and fees were more than half the charge) for phone+internet for nearly 7 years to one with Spectrum and my bill went down to $78 for both but my speeds were still sitting at 25Mbps were as Spectrum offered 130Mbps, with phone, for the same price!!! I dropped Windstream until I moved again and was forced to take them back or due without. This time I was offered the Kinect service (which was available at the 2nd place but nobody at WS mentioned it $$$). $78 a month for 50Mbps with phone!

I even got an offer to move up to 75Mbps for just $10 more. That would have been $20 less for 3x the speed of my first place!!! BUT. .

. I bought the house behind the place I lived when I started this journey. The original owners were paying $139.XX for 25Mbps (apposed to my $109 not 80 yards in front of them) for service that was barely there. Internet was down every time it rained hard, severe static in landline whenever a single drop of water hit a line/pole/box between the main box and the houses, hardware on their end is old, and they didn't even qualify for the 25Mb in the first place!

20Mb is the max offered at this house!!! LMAO! They literally conned these people for nearly 10 years. My current bill here is $74.43 a month for phone+internet at 20Mbps.

However, due to a tip from the tech to replace a few things on my end and a flub they directly caused by trying to con me into the 25Mb I "can't get", I am able to pull in 22-23Mbps instead of the 13-15 the original owners got. The downside is that I can't even get 2Mbps uploads. I max out at 1.42Mb on the very best of days with averages of 0.45-0.6Mbps.

I would also like to say that MB and Mb are very different speeds.

22Mbps may get you 2.1MBps download on a good day. Replacing the wire that runs from the NID into your house with a good CAT5/6 outdoor rated cable (especially older houses) will make a difference.

User's recommendation: If you have a choice chances are pretty high that the others guys offer a better deal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Windstream Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $3264.

Preferred solution: Upgrade EVERYBODIES internet and not just places that make the most $ or have competitors!.

Windstream Pros: Customer service is nice.

Windstream Cons: Almost everything.

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Hi there. I certainly regret to hear about your experience with us.

Windstream is working to upgrade rural areas and expand our bandwidth to those markets. Unfortunately, not everything can be done all at once.

If you'd like to email me your account information to wincanhelp@windstream.com, I can check out your services and billing to ensure you're receiving the best possble rates. Thank you,

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