Here are some phone numbers & names & email address for Windstream CORPORATE make sure you use these like you never did before,Don't give up, Also file a complaint with your

Public Service Commission I did with the Georgia Public Service Commission if u live in Ga. I do I live in Cleveland Ga. this is the place you can file your complaint


David Avery

501-748-5876 (office)

501-580-7218 (cell)


Scott Morris

501-748-5342 (o)

501-580-4759 (c)




4001 Rodney Parham Road

Little Rock, AR 72212


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My mother who is 80 and lives alone. No phone or internet service going on a week now.

Finally today the phone rang for the first time which was Windstream a automated call saying internet has been restored. However it’s still not on and she has followed the steps herself trying to unplug and resetting modem and all that. Would have been nice if tech had bothered to knock on door to have customer check to see if it was indeed working. Now here we go with another work order talking to someone in Jamaica of all places.

I She hates talking to someone outside of the states about her personal information and in reply I get Canned scripted responses” as that’s all they understand. They can’t do anything to help and don’t care cause they aren’t Americans. And not very patient with elderly customers. Also having the work order escalated due to her medical condition of CHF and pretty much disabled in a wheelchair doesn’t help.

They got there no sooner and Jamaica never put in the escalated request. NOW HERE IS THE KICKER...my mothers house is literally 500 ft away from the Windstream dispatch center where all the technicians and work trucks are.


I live in Kentucky, have a 91 year old neighbor whose phone had been out for a month. It has been reported numerous times, with promises to come and many tickets.

She lives alone and needs her phone! Can someone please help?


My phone has been out for 4 days. No one knows why.

No communication unless I call them. This isn’t a technical problem.

It’s a leadership problem. Windstream does not understand customer service.


Had power outage in hiawassee ga for 10 min. We have to wifi for all communications.

Your wifi would not reboot. Service dept. said couldn't get to us till July 20th. 2 weeks, no service?

Unacceptable. Many people in our community have this problem.

Was told that they ip addresses or password problems. Wil6 drive into town tomorrow, again, to see your reply


The absolute worst service to have and even worse customer service


I see in the preface on this page that your customer satisfaction is rared at 1/2 star out of 5 possible. It is easy to see why if one reads the reviews posted here.

My service comes out of Glenwood, Arkansas. I have both landline & DSL internet provided by Windstream. My phone # 870-356-2591. I was one of the 1st customers in this area to connect to DSL service several years ago.

At that time it was lightening fast. Now a totally different story. Let me qualify myself by saying that I am retired AT&T out of Hot Springs, Arkansas where I was a technician who worked daily on DSL systems. So I know of which I speak.

My DSL is now unusable for practical use. It is usually impossible to pay bills, place orders, download photos, stream video or participate in social media. Most sites time out before they load. A couple months ago 60+ neighbors & I were without internet for 10 continuous days including a school & a U.S post office of Bonnerdale, Arkansas.

Neighborhood children could not even do their homework that is often assigned with required internet study. When we call in to repair, we are told it id slow due to being on "Copper Service". Partially true but there is verified fiber cable service less than 300 feet from the rural concentrator equipment that they refuse to bury a short section of fiber cable to connect to it. The other reason is that you have oversold the capacity of DSL by trying to serve 60+ customers out of equipment with only a working capacity of about 21 DSL customers.

We are paying good money monthly for service so poor that we can seldom utilize it. This is totally unexcusable & we are often advised by your reps that we should switch to satelite service thru you partner Dish Network. Some of my neighbors have chosen this route & have found the cost as well as the low internet limits to be unacceptable. In short you must update our service & provide the fast service of workable DSL that now compares to ancient dial up service.

Your service now is despicable. Please respond.

Bradley Massey. 870-356-2591, 10268 Amity Road, Bonnerdale, Arkansas, bcmassey1@windstream.net.


Windstream in Clarkesville,Ga sucks, First they over charge you, and we've been paying for high speed internet,that's a bloody joke!! My fax won't work half the time,my internet hasn't worked properly since Irma hit! If you can avoid it,don't use Windstream, BTW, we've complained to the top ppl on the company and still nothing has changed!!

to melissahardy49 #1522734

Agree completely. Had 5 conversations over two days with customer service reps.

No two had the same info, two disconnected and one said she couldn't find the work order the previous two had cited as scheduled to be completed that day.

Horrible. Corporate welfare and market protection keeping them afloat.

Florence, Mississippi, United States #1323148

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with trying to get help a live body that know anything about internal operations and how to contact someone

Manteo, North Carolina, United States #1220655

North Carolina resident 6 1/2 years with windstream worst company to do business with. Constant dropping of phone and internet line, call for assistance and always your line should not be dropping this much, well it is and you can monitor it and see it, but yet we have to call you and and tell you and ask for a credit on our account.

A temp line was installed has been laying on the ground for 2 months, every times it rains the line goes out, no phone or intrenet, go to the local office and the *** doors are locked, like its a game.

This has gone on for 6 years line goes dead for days at a time sometime weeks at a time, but yet we still have to pay the entire bill like nothing happened. Lawyers are going to love this.

to Anonymous #1293619

Have you filed a complaint with the FCC? What you are experiencing is ridiculous and you are being ripped off.

I filed a complaint with them once and they were very effective at getting the problem resolved.

It's worth a try and doesn't cost anything. Good luck.

Palestine, Texas, United States #1196311

We have had this service of internet with windstream for 9 years. This is the worst company for customer service I have ever had an experience with.

The internet gets slower and slower even with all new latest router and modem and added gigs.

This company is eager to sell you more service and latest equipment and many empty promises. I have never experienced such bad equipment and customer service.


Your customer service sucks you should study Amazon customer service they are great the CEO Jeff Bezos just passed Warren Buffet in forbs for the third richest man in the world he did this by making Amazon customer service the best in the world. If you would hire adequate qualified people with good pay.

Windstream runs their house like a fast food restaurant or convenience store all with high turn over so corporate VPs can make their big salaries and undeserved bonuses it is a fraternity sorority atmosphere. When an existing customer's calls in they rout you on one roll overs after roll over. But if you call in for new service there's some that answers the phone not some computer. Where I am at you are still on the old copper wire service with only 10 MBs charging a 100% more than your competitors who provide 50-100 MBs that's because you deal in isolated areas a captive audience.

Seriously for your own company's future study Amazon they lost $6,000,000,000.00 Billion in one day this year 2016 when the market dropped and they have already recouped that lose.

No I didn't read the terms and service because it is written to protect you NOT THE CUSTOMER who pays your salaries and bills.


Worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I waited for 2 days for a tech to show up and install my Internet and no one showed or even called.

Kentucky, United States #874238

Kentucky resident here that were informed that 6mbs DSL would be available to find out that only 3mbs DSL is available. When call in regarding an issue with account they state that faster speeds are available but yet when switched to faster speed unable to use service.

Downside is that they have the DSL market locked up here in Edmonson County that no other providers can come in and supply better service and faster services.

Cleveland, Georgia, United States #864668

I'm so mad, why do we have to pay for channels we don't watch just to get one channel we do watch? We should get to pick the channels we want, we'r paying $124.77 amonth and don't watch most of these channels. I'm about to tell Windstream to shove it.


Called x 2days re: neighborhood phone/net outage. They keep sayin theres no upgrade in my area.

I dont want an upgrade! I just want it fixed. The phone staff are complete morons!! They say i have to wait 2 wks for a service tech to come out!

I dont need them at my home. They need to fix the source that was damaged during the storm!!!


North Carolina. my phone modem has been replaced 3 x., both cable boxes 2x.

Keep trying to get me to get landline service instead of voip. Why the push. Service call on Sunday (i was suprised) yielded no results due to no support at office? Why are they dispatching people to come if they cant fix a problem.

The company uses old equipment, I have not recieved any brand new equipment, cable boxes, phone modems have either been refurbished or are from another service call or something, the company sure charges good money, why do they insist on giving their service people old equipment so the problem never resolves?

I lived in another state and had voip for years(practically from the beginning), never had to replace the modem, this company is full of it I think they tell their workers to make up stuff to appease the customer, why cant anyone admit they dont know what the problem is, get back to us with an answer that makes sense, we all dont buy the technical b.s. answers the service people try to tell us, some of us can see through the sh**!

to Anonymous Cleveland, Georgia, United States #864670

North Carolina, because they charge about $55.00 every 15 minutes their at your house after the first 15 minutes.

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