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We've had Windstream Internet service for some time now, and we've always gotten download speeds between 10-16 MB/s, which is fine considering we pay $80 a month for it, and we live pretty much in the middle of nowhere with no alternatives.

Several months back, a thunderstorm rolled through the area and suddenly the internet service became immensely unreliable. The connection would drop every two or three minutes and the speeds were as slow as 2 MB/s.

We started calling about it a few weeks after. It took two months of calling for them to finally do something about it, and by that time the internet service was so abysmal, no one in the house could even open websites without the modem disconnecting.

Keep in mind, we have a grade schooler and two college students who are all supposed to be attending online classes, which they can't.

They sent a technician who replaced our modem with a T3260 and started looking around. He discovered that the main relay box at the end of the street was exuding sparks and had clearly been damaged in that storm.

It took weeks for someone to actually come service that relay box, which did actually help. For about a week.

We're back to square one now, with download speeds peaking at 0.3 MB/s and very frequent disconnections. We've been calling them every day. They keep promising to put in service tickets but it takes huge leaps of time for anything to actually happen, and their actions never seem to fix the problem.

This has been ongoing for about 6 months now. The solution to this is clear: fix or replace the relay box at the end of the street.

It's obvious Windstream just doesn't want to spend the money, nor provide the service we're paying for. If this goes on much longer, we're cancelling our service.

User's recommendation: Avoid Like The Plague If You Can.

Location: Texarkana, Texas

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Hello! I am so sorry to hear about your continued issues with your service.

Please email me your account # or telephone # via wincanhelp@windstream.com so I can engage with the local manager and get this repair completed. Thanks!

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