During my initial sign up for a phone/internet/satellite bundle in December 2011, I was asked if I wanted an Advanced Security Service on my internet. I declined.

I signed up for autopay so my credit card was billed & ebill so I didn't get a paper copy of the bill. This is my mistake as there is nothing to look at each month unless an effort is made to log into the account and review the bill. The bills were consistent so I never checked them. This past month, my bill was up $30 so I reviewed it.

I learned that long distance calls to a conference call number are billed at $.10/minute. I also discovered that I have been charged $9.99/month for the Advanced Security Service that I initially declined. When I called Windstream, I was initially transferred by the correct department to the cable department. I don't even have cable.

I have DISH satellite as part of their bundle. So, I had to recall & go through the auto responder ***. Once I found a human to help, I was told that I have a residential plan & I am billed for calls to conference call numbers because they are "business" related. I am retired.

I call to receive personal growth updates. Windstream also would only refund me 3 months worth of Security Service. I understand it's my responsibility to check my bills and I didn't because would have to log into their site to review, but I specifically declined the security service & was charged anyway. It's almost as if they meet with AT&T & compare HOW TO put charges on bills.

As for calls to conference call lines being "business", that's just silly.

Many people provide personal info. via conference call lines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Windstream Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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If your motem keeps shutting down

It's because they want you to think you need a new one

And. They now only RENT them

Say NO. I will buy one in town

Or quit windstream

Your motem will then work fine --- later they will true again---

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #629066

This is a rip off company. After several years we switched to comcast but windstream did not release our numbers for 3 months and now they want to charge us for the 3 months that they kept our numbers from transferring!

This is a great scam to make a few extra bucks! We will report this to BBB this week.

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