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My windstream internet has been broken for two days now. It will randomly be online and then randomly will go down again.

I'm working from home during the pandemic and I NEED to have internet. I called to get it fixed and they are saying the earliest anyone can come out is in 6-8 days! Are they going to pay me for all the missed work I will have? No.

Are they going to reimburse me for the fact that I'm paying for service that doesn't work? No again. I have no other options as this is the only internet provider in my area. If you have a choice though then avoid windstream at all costs!

Even when it's "working" it is terrible. I NEVER get the speed that I'm paying for. Just a terrible company.

Customer service didn't make me feel like a priority at all. They didn't seem to care at all and couldn't provide me with any answers as to why this is happening.

User's recommendation: Stay away!

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Hi there! I apologize you are currently experiencing an outage.

I'd like to help if still needed.

Please email me at wincanhelp@windstream with your account information and I'll be in touch! Thanks,

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