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Been a loyal customer of Windstream for years, (since they switched from Alltel). Service started off the same, but then problems began to occur, and with great frequency...

The customer service was abyssmal. It did get better when the customer service moved to India (ever think you'd hear that one?). The service kept up its slow and steady decline into crapdom and got even worse when Windstream had the bright idea to bring the Customer Service Dpt back to the US. At one point I was on a first name basis with 4 of their "repair technicians", of which only one ever did anything to help.

I pay the premium each month for 12m DSL and very seldom do I get that, in fact, I have credits for the next year because I have had to call them and complain so many times about receiving speed of 2-5m 10-7m slower than I pay for and 7-5m less than they promise. Their solution? Give more credits to off-set the pricing in their DSL packages. Recently my internet was sporradic at best for 2 months while they "modernized" their equipment.

Well low and behold, here it is, one month later, and the new equipment they put in his broken and there is "no estimated repair time given" Basically just sit there, have more credits for *** service added to your account and keep going to the library to do you school work, because there is no way you're getting it done at home with their POS service. I WILL be switching to another internet provider at a higher price just to get away from this sorry excuse for a company.

Here's some advice from a long-time customer of Windstream, RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK EVER!!

Review about: Windstream Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Athens, Georgia, United States #678677

I have Windstream internet service only because they are the only provider in my area. Simply stated, I am considering going back to dial-up because it was far better than the pathetic so-called service I have been receiving.

As of today, I have been "down" for over three weeks because Windstream can't fix a problem with their equipment. Their customer service over the years has been worse than pathetic with their customer service reps often rude and unaccommodating. This is not a one time event...our internet goes down at least twice a month...however, this time it's been three weeks so far and those morons still haven't fixed the problem. About the only thing that Windstream has that doesn't break down is their billing...that seems to work for them every time.

As a customer of Windstream, be prepared to be abused, insulted, and ripped off. Don't ever expect a phone call to be returned. And clearly, if you rely on the internet for your job, expect to be spending time at your local library for wifi (as I'm doing now to send this review) when your service goes down.

Dial-up, here I come. ...It will be less frustrating than Windstream.

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