I was forced to use Windstream for my internet service because no other company serviced my location. I signed up for a package to include free connection and a monthly charge of $49.99.

For the past 3 months, each bill has included a connection fee of $35.00. There are unexplained charges on the bill including basic local service and non-regulated services in addition to the high-speed internet charge of $49.99. This month's bill came to $97.24!! I can't find an explanation of their charges anywhere on the bill or on their website.

They don't provide an email address, so I can't easily write and put the details of my complaint in black and white, and retain a copy for my records. I have been very sick for over a year and don't have the inclination or energy to be constantly battling with companies who are either wholly ineffective or totally corrupt. If you don't HAVE to use Windstream, it's best that you don't.

My experience to date has been confusing, frustrating and costly. In addition to this, their internet is painfully slow and frequently unavailable.

Review about: Windstream Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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