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Why do you continue to charge customers for a quality of service you falsely advertise and deliver?

Youtube has verified Windstream as being responsible for video lag.

Websites are replete with customer complaints and dissatisfaction over this issue.

To charge people for a service that is something other than what you advertise, is unethical, and in fact amounts to fraud, and should be investigated as such.

There is little question as to the reason for the poor quality of service to paying customers. Windstream has more customers than it has the capability to provide the quality of service it falsely advertises.

If I do not hear back from you with a satisfactory answer to this question, I will continue to spread awareness of this issue on the web.

Review about: Windstream Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Lack of accountability, Wait for repairs, Being billed after i disconnected, Being billed when had no service, Reliability of service.

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I agree with you on everything Windstream is the worst telephone provider. False dsl information, terrible support and service, adding fees to the bill that aren't explained in any of the documentation that they provide.

I have a 16 meg and only get 10-15 meg , which they will argue that I cant get 25 meg.

They do not know how DSl works I've been with a telephone company and installed DSL so I know how bonded DSL works they do not put forth the efforts for customer service and improve anything. When you contact DSL help they see all the issues that you are having and will send a tech right out in about a week to repair and the tech says there is no trouble found on the line must be your equipment.


Internet goes down and takes 7 days to send someone to check .and they bill you .got my back on last Thursday June 7 and came a 5 minute storm and lighting 2 times back out again and this is the 11 of June ...sorry service down 2 times in a week ..


I’m sick of the Internet going out all the time and not getting the speed we pay for. I’m angry that there is fiber optic internet 100 feet away by Blue Ridge Electric and they won’t extend it to the rest of the community so we don’t have a choice.

I’m sick of the cable tv going out every time it rains or just at random for like a whole day. I’m sick of trying to call to report it and being put on hold for 20 mins.


I am tired of paying for internet service that works sporaticly. I have been without internet since last Friday.

Of course they charge full price . Tired of it. You call and get the run around. Last week it was my email not working took 4 phone calls and finally got it to work.

Time to file a complaint with the f.c.c. ( again).


Well what’s going on has someone been paid off

Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States #1123721

I agree me and my family have lost thousands of dollars from dropped conference calls do to Windstream's unprofessional service, but out in the rural areas of Kentucky it is the only option we have, and it is as bad if not worse than having no internet, and they still charge us nearly 100 dollars a month!


they are truly the worst company in america. individually the workers are kind but unfortunately work in an incompetent system.

they tell you one thing, but the bill, service, connection is always something different.

the amount of time wasted attempting to get my service corrected has been unbearable. please some *** lawyer, sue this horrible company and make a pile of money.

China Grove, North Carolina, United States #956477

I just got billed for 500 bucks by a credit collection agency over 2 years after I cancelled Windstream for VERY POOR internet service. A fraction of the speed I was promised and a small fraction at that.

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