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I live in north Georgia.Today's date is 3/24/11.

We have had a massive internet outage for 3 days now. Not to mention, it's been "spotty" the times that we HAVE had internet... My fiance' works from home on the internet for one of his jobs, and at a Gamestop store for his second job. I work at a restaurant called Taco Mac.

All of these places use Windstream as their ISP. This is absolutely ridiculous and has never happened with any other ISP. I could not get my tips after my shift OR clock out after my shift because the internet was down at the restaurant. My fiance was supposed to be at Gamestop for a midnight release of a game, and had to close the store because of the internet outage which affected his customer relations terribly.

Not to mention the fact that he was not able to work for 5 hours 2 days ago. When we contacted Windstream and asked to be reimbursed for the time he missed while the internet was down, they simply said, "No." This company is terrible and has no thought or care for their customers. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment complex which requires us to use Windstream and no other ISP. I am so incredibly angry with this company and would NEVER in a million years recommend this company to ANYONE trying to figure out which internet service provider to use.

To anyone who reads this, use anything else BUT Windstream.

Like I said, the service is "spotty" at best and their customer service team is rude and uncaring.Terrible....

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