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My modem went out Tuesday, 4th of June. It came back on by itself a few seconds later. About half an hour after that, it did

it again but never came back on. I called Windstream (18664161312) and a woman answered the phone laughing uncontrollably. Weird, right? Well, she continued to laugh throughout the duration of our conversation of which I was on hold for most of the call. She eventually tells me there's an outage and they are working to fix it, so that it should be back on later that day. But, thing is, it never came back on. So, my fiance calls again later that night. She's put on hold several times and the guy tells her there is no outage and has her do the usual nonsense like check to make sure the modem is plugged in. Even has her pull up the router login with the IP address in a browser and tells her to go through random things that don't have anything to do with our problem; things like checking to make sure there is or isn't a connection when we clearly stated that the internet light was off and flickering every 5-10 seconds. He told us that he was submitting a ticket and that it was 'escalated' to high priority. That lasted about an hour. He says they will call us back within the hour and let us know what's going on. They never called.

The next day around 3 PM we call back and the guy that answers says he's a higher up and in charge of the place. He tells us there is no outage and isn't sure why anyone said there was one. He pulls up our file that apparently existed by that point and confirms everything we'd been through up til then. He says the escalated ticket should have already been answered and that he was 'going to have a talking to with the previous people' that we spoke to. He says we'll have internet sometime before 12 PM (noon). It was 3 PM so we were pretty confused, but he told us to have a nice day and hung up. We get home, no internet. We call again. Tech says there IS an outage... Woman this time. Runs us through the typical *** we'd been going through with messing with the modem login and unplugging the modem. No avail. Says she'll call us back.

Does not call us back. We call back later that night, we get a guy I think was named Joe. Only helpful one we'd had even now. He says he's talking to some engineers and they're working their magic. Joe has me run the cmd prompt and bring up some numbers. I read them to him. He says there are unusually high error replies and then the engineers do something that seems

like it reset my modem to factory. The internet came back on, I thank him and hang up. I have to go back through the initial

setup that you go through the first time you use one of their modems and my internet is working again. Now, mind you, I'd been

having high latency issues for the entire year I'd had Windstream at this address.

So, even though my internet was 'fixed', I was still having this latency problem. But, I dealt with it because at least

my internet was working.

Then, the next day about 2 PM, it happens again. Modem shuts off and does not come back on. I try everything, no luck. I call back, and this was where it got bad. I ended up speaking to a guy for 98 minutes. My phone has a display, tracks call time. 98 minutes. 20 of that was on hold. He says he has every single available highly trained engineer working on my line personally and that the problem was entirely on their end. He said that there is some problem where their servers are not communicating with my modem properly and that he will have someone call me back shortly with an update, but that they had it covered and would fix it no sweat. I never get a call back. By 8 PM, I call again. This time I get some girl who has such a thick African-American accent that I cannot understand her at all. It sounded like she said my modem has a train problem. She tells me the previous tech whom I was on the phone with for 98 minutes was wrong and that it was my problem as soon as I finished giving her my information (address, phone number, name). She never had time to pull up my file.

She said she was ordering a tech, I told her not to because the previous representative was very convincing that he had it

figured out and said there was no need for a tech since it was on their end. He sounded like he knew way more about that job

that her, so I'm obviously going to ignore her would-be advice.

Well, my fiance calls back again around 10 PM and gets a different girl who we AGAIN give our story to. She said literally 'this is ridiculous! I'm going to go talk to someone and I promise I'll call you back in exactly 15 minutes. I know the other people you spoke to said they would but I actually will!' and guess what - never did.

Fiance calls back again 30 minutes later and gets a guy who again runs her through the typical unplug it, plug it in, check the modem login settings nonsense. I tell her to hand me the phone and I let this guy know I'm upset. I've been REALLY patient up til this point. I mean, I've had like 8 people on the phone and one I was on the phone with for almost 100 minutes and not ONCE til now was I rude or impatient with them. They owe me by now for that level of patience, which I'm sure they've never seen til now. Think about it. About how patient I've been on top of the fact that we're paying for this nonexistent service. I tell him everything, about all the calls, the stories and that it's affecting my fiance's work modules and her schooling. He ensures me a tech can fix it so I let him schedule one then I demand to speak to a supervisor.

Here's where it gets really good. The supervisor is rude, slurs and barely shows concern for the situation he finds himself in. He introduces himself with such apathy that I couldn't understand him. I tell him everything and he says 'I see you told one of the girls you talked to to cancel the tech. Why would you do that?' I explain that she didn't sound like she understood my problem and was scheduling the tech because it was as if she was defaulting to her handbook. I told him the guy I was on the phone with had supposedly been working for almost two hours with me on the phone with highly trained specialists and was convinced it was a problem with the servers on their end. He tells me none of that is right and that there actually is a ****ing outage. Are you kidding me? I lose it by now. I tell him I'm sick of calling almost 10 times and getting a different story every single time. I'm sick of the service I'm paying 160 dollars a month for not working most of the time and when it does, it lags like crazy. I'm sick of calling and getting the run around. He tells me I shouldn't cancel the tech. He said that they did whatever they could and that if it's not working on their end 'then it's obviously on yours. It's not something we can fix from here, doesn't matter what they told you cuz' I lookin' at dis file and it shows a tech can fix it cuz it on your end. So you shouldn'a canceled da tech. I don't know what da girl told you before but she wud wrong.' I kid you not, this is how he spoke to me. Incompetent, rude and correcting me as if he knew what I'd been going through for four days. I tell him 'I'm sick of this and if your tech does not fix my problem by tomorrow, not only am I going to end up one more of the pissed off Windstream customers complaining on the internet, but I'm taking my *** back to Timewarner.' I hang up and wait til the next day for the tech who was scheduled to come before 3 PM.

Tech came the following day very early, like 9 AM. He's down the road with a truck messing with the box for the entire street. The phone service is disconnected and then connected again about 20 minutes later. He shows up at my home and my fiance lets him in. He goes straight to the computer, resets the modem to factory, sets it back up and leaves. Never gives us an explanation, never tells us what has been going on. He just fixes it and leaves. I get on, latency issues. Like, really bad ones. Takes 15-20 seconds to load basic websites. 600 ms latency. To make it even worse, the phone service is messed up. There's overbearing static on the line.

I'm completely done with WS. Even though it sort of works now, it's not worth it. We're going to take the 160 dollars our escalated bill now costs and pay Timewarner's down payment for cable internet. **** you WS. I'm pasting this same review on multiple different websites so people can understand where someone might be coming from who has had to deal with the true WS charm.

Oh, and when we called again to ask why the phone and internet were still messed up despite the tech having been out here, they said it was because of the a storm over our house. Like, the storm was causing our internet line to be laggy. A LAN cable. No.

Review about: Windstream Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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