About three weeks ago I recieved a phone call from windstream saying I was eligiable for an upgrade to faster internet. My internet, at the time, was fast enough for my needs, (and I have had problems with this company before, they didn't send me a bill, then the next month would send me a bill for two months and try to charge a late fee for the month I didn't pay, because I didn't get the bill, story for another time, though...) anyway, my internet was fast enough to watch videos and download things at a pretty at a pretty decent click.

However, since that day, i can no longer watch videos, they constantly freeze and it takes forever to download anything. That day, after talking to them, I went on to check my speed using an internet speed test online. I was getting 1500 whatever they are called's and now I only get 800. They slowed my internet down.

I have been trying to get a hold of them, but with my working hours, it's hard, and their website sucks, you can't even email them about problems.

But you can call them, between the hours of "Been at work for an hour" and "don't get off work for another hour or two" another words they have really bad customer service. NEVER do business with these butt clowns.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #616427

It has been over 2 yrs that I have been promised date after date that my latency and drops would be fixed. The last date has come and gone and surprise it still isn't fixed.

I am like most customers of this horrible company. There is no other option. We either have to stay up to after midnight or get up around 6 am to even use it like we should be able to all the time. I am supposed to be getting 12mgbs.

But get .09-1 most of the time. I have contacted every agency I can think of to get something done about this. But nothing has been done yet. I am just so tired of dealing with this.

My son, who is ill, wanted to finish his degree on line, but can't because of this.

No one should have to deal with this. FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT!

Sanford, North Carolina, United States #615258

I spoke with a CS Rep named Richard 2-26-2013,9:19 am,This Rep was unprofessional,Extremely rude,condescending,abasing and just plain hateful. He had no patience and loud talked and hatefully laughed over me as I tried to speak.

I was trying to get assistance with my DSL which I have been having a lot of problems with. He was so unbearable that I had to give the phone to someone else. He REFUSED to listen to what we were saying and continued to mock us and over talk us as we were informing him of our internet/wifi set up. Windstream cares NOTHING about professionalism, manners and decent customer service.

We will try everything known to man to fix something before calling to ask them for help because their poor and hateful treatment,and when we do call, its a game of "Not it" for everyone in the house,because no one wants to be treated so poorly and dishonestly as this company practices.

Im so sad to have to do business with a company like Windstream. :sigh


I am a customer of Windstream and VERY displeased. I've closed my business and notified Windstream in advance.

Now Windstream is coming back telling me I owe them for their equipment left in the building plus for an unfulfilled contract.

Their local office has not been any help - customer service is horrible. Any advice??


Good morning. I am sorry for the trouble you have experienced.

I would be happy to assist you. Can you please email me at wincanhelp@windstream.com with your Windstream number and a number you can be reached?

I will be happy to look into this for you. - Amanda.

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