(May 2013) Lately the local Texas business offices for Windstream Communications have disappeared; the company has gone virtual with a different attitude. There's only one 800 number listed on the phone bill, and maybe you can use it to get to a live representative, and more, maybe you can even talk to one with without incurring a 'convenience' fee.

As policy I used to pay my bills directly at a local business office. I now have to use USPS, and I have been told by Windstream to mail the bill at least 10 days before the due date to avoid the risk of late payment. Sounds unreasonable, since mail delivery is typically 3 days max. Windstream adds that they have recently quit the grace period for mail delivery.

Oh sure, Windstream will gladly tell you that you can still pay your bill now at any Western Union office, but it'll cost you $1.50. On-line payment is the way, says Windstream.

However I work in the on-line world, and still don't believe in it. From customer viewpoint, its time to go shopping for a friendlier provider...

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