I'm 21 years old and just moved out on my own. I went on the windstream website to try to get service.

After inputting my location to see what services are available to me, I was advertised a 34.99 a month plan with a lifetime price lock guarantee at 24mbps speed. I thought to myself that was a great deal and submitted my order right away. A day later I received an email stating that they needed more info from me and to call customer service. When I did, the rep told me that offer was only for the Lexington, KY area (I live in georgia) and all I could get would be 6mbps for 54.99 a month.

That's a quarter of the speed promised for nearly double the price. So long story short, windstream is a bunch of crooked liars who think they can get you interested with false promises and as soon as you get on the phone with them they'll recant and try to talk you into something completely different than what they told you to begin with.

If they were honest from the beginning, I probably would have bought the 54.99 service. But, since they're a bunch of lying crooks, I will never use any service by them.

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